Path of light, the

It is never too late to take it up again

November 4th 2019
Many people, when they are overwhelmed by difficulties and hardships, suddenly realize the mistakes they have made, due to neglect, ignorance or weakness, and they say to themselves, ‘If only I had known...’ They could have known, because at a certain point they were given all the right conditions for learning and working. But spiritual life requires efforts they were not prepared to make, and they neglected these good conditions. Other activities and preoccupations seemed more important at the time, and they were taken by surprise. But whatever mistakes you have made, do not waste time feeling bad about it, and above all do not become discouraged. The worst thing is not making mistakes; it’s telling yourself that your spiritual ideal is unachievable and discouraging, and then giving up. It is never too late to take up the path of light again. Once more you will soon be given other conditions. Try not to let them slip by!