Divine seed, the

It survives in human beings, whatever they do

November 6th 2019
There is always something suspect about the attitude of supposedly virtuous people who judge that ‘sinners’ must be rejected by God without being able to find his grace again. Over the centuries, these narrow-minded, fanatical people have used religion to condemn and persecute those who, according to them, have not behaved irreproachably. Some have even gone as far as inventing hell, into which the damned (damned, according to them!) are hurled, to suffer eternal punishment and be forever deprived of the presence of God and of his love. But that is not the truth. God has placed a spark in all human beings – their spirit. This spark is a part of himself, and its presence in them means that they are a part of his nature. If they are to blame for anything, of course they deserve to be reprimanded and even punished. But even if they have to be treated severely and kept apart from others for a time, we must never forget that somewhere deep down inside them a divine seed exists and that this divine seed must be respected by everyone.