Brain, the

Its capacity for understanding depends on the state of our organs

November 7th 2019
Knowledge, as a faculty, is not located in the brain alone, as is generally believed – we learn, we understand, we draw conclusions and we know. No, the brain’s faculty of understanding and knowing is a synthesis of the properties of all our organs’ cells – the cells of our heart, lungs, stomach, liver, sex organs, arms, legs and so on. Each cell in our body possesses a tiny intelligence that allows it to execute a specific task in the organ it belongs to, and the brain synthesizes all these intelligences. If the cells have reduced capacity, the brain remains obtuse. Everything is linked; we shouldn’t separate the brain from the rest of the body. This is why, day after day, we must remember to bring purity, life and light to the cells of every one of our organs, so that they work well and this will be reflected in our brain. The only purpose of the exercises given in our teaching – about how to breathe, eat, even wash, walk, sleep and so on – is the regeneration of our cells, so that we can broaden and deepen our understanding.