Seed to tree, from

The development of the original imprint

November 8th 2019
If you open a seed and look at it under the microscope, you won’t find the image there of the tree it will produce once you have planted it. How does it end up producing this huge creature with its roots, trunk, branches, leaves, flowers and fruits? In the same way, no observation under the microscope of the ‘seed’ a man gives to a woman can show what the child will be like. But once this seed has been sown in the mother’s womb and nourished by her blood, it develops, and one day the child comes into the world possessing all its own physical and psychic traits. We see this natural phenomenon endlessly being repeated before our eyes, revealing the mystery of human beings, the mystery of their psychic and spiritual life. For, they too possess an inner diagram, an original imprint, according to which the forces circulating within them are determined and directed. And in the same way that the seed is destined to become like its father, the tree, so human beings are called to strive for the perfection of their heavenly Father: this perfection is written into their structure.