Higher nature, our

Must keep watch over our lower nature

November 9th 2019
Each day, the coexistence of our two natures, the higher and the lower, pose such problems for us! This is why, when our higher nature encourages us to behave honestly, to make an effort, we must also make sure that our lower nature is not informed of it, so that it doesn’t come and throw up obstacles. This is a principle used in military strategy: the generals who finalize the battle plans do not disclose them to everyone, because if the enemy knew of them they would prepare a counterattack. In the same way, when the higher nature makes its plans, it has to protect them from the lower nature’s manoeuvring. The lower nature mustn’t be aware of what the higher nature is doing, but the higher nature, on the contrary, must keep watch over the lower nature to avoid its traps, since the lower nature is constantly busy fomenting shady business. So, it is necessary to keep our higher nature constantly on alert, so that it can observe what is happening and intervene, when needed, to restore order.