The transmuting of both physical and psychic matter

November 10th 2019
In ancient times, it was the tradition for some priests and priestesses to have only one function, which was to maintain a fire in the temples that must never go out. Fire, flame and light in sanctuaries evoke the presence of the Divine in the universe, but also in human beings. In humans this fire is love, which like the sun must burn ceaselessly in their heart, and it is fed by sacrifice. What is sacrifice? A transmutation. Only those who know how to make sacrifices possess the secret of transmuting matter, which is the very condition of life. This transmutation of matter can only be made by fire, especially the spiritual fire of love. Life is only possible because of sacrifice, because of love. Everywhere, from stones to the stars, love sustains the structure of the universe; if love disappeared, even our body would crumble to dust. And it is thanks to love, thanks to the sacrifices humans make for one another, that families and nations are also able to survive. Love is the greatest force in the universe.