Does not concern itself with impurity

November 13th 2019
Those who lead an irreproachable life feel no need to be involved in the life of others: they do not mistrust them or criticize or judge them. True purity does not concern itself with impurity. The pure are not interested in knowing who is living an impure life. And this is why they enlighten and purify beings with their emanations and their light, whereas those who hound others on the pretext of setting them on the right path often only tarnish them. If only we knew what drives certain people to set themselves up as moralists and dispensers of justice! So often, they persecute in others the very weaknesses they refuse to see in themselves! They need to be a bit more perceptive. If they are seeking purity, as they claim to be, let them begin by working on their own thoughts, feelings and desires. When others sense something clear and light-filled emanating from them, perhaps they will allow themselves to be influenced. But in the meantime, they should be left alone!