Invisible, the

Is infinitely vaster than the visible

November 17th 2019
The fact that the physical world exists for us, that we are able to see the sky, the sun and the earth, is thanks to this invisible principle within us that allows us to be aware of them through the physical organs, our eyes. If this invisible principle did not exist in us, our eyes would be of no use to us, as we would see nothing. The visible world is merely the shell, the husk, of the invisible world, without which we would know nothing of all that exists around us. We do not see life, but we see the manifestations of life; we do not see thoughts and feelings, but we see them variously expressed through the actions and creations that spring from them. In the same way, the world we know represents only the condensed, secreted forms and clothing of the invisible Being that created the universe and continues to give it life. And what we see is always very little in comparison with what we do not see. Everything around us shows us the limits of what we see and the vastness of what we do not see.