The divine spark, which we must see in people beyond their appearance

November 20th 2019
A true spiritual Master recognizes the Divine in his disciples and in everyone who comes to him, and it is the Divine in them that he addresses. Beyond their appearance and their sometimes wretched condition, he sees souls and spirits wanting only to grow in beauty and in light, and it is these souls and these spirits that he loves. It is pointless preaching love for one’s neighbours if it is not explained to people what they must love in them and how to love them. When you see how so many people behave in daily life, you cannot love them, and it’s even pointless trying. Someone may be selfish, bad and hateful, and then you are told that they are your neighbour, that you have to love them… It’s impossible! In fact, it is so impossible that not only will you fail but, in making the effort to love this monster, you will also detest them even more. If you are to succeed in loving them, you have to go beyond appearances and concentrate on the divine spark that is living in them and may one day emerge.