Hope of the sage, the

The certainty that the future can always be better

November 22nd 2019
The true sage knows that humans are destined one day to return to their heavenly homeland. Even if they meet every form of evil on the road to this homeland, even if they become discouraged or doubt not just others but themselves too, they do not founder. In their heart and soul there remains inscribed the truth that God created humans in his own image and that this image contains the potential for all riches, all victories and all joys. The sage has a philosophy and knowledge based on the relationship between God, the universe and humans. The word ‘optimism’ isn’t suitable as a definition of this philosophy, given that it is often used in everyday life as a synonym for naivety. It is more precise to speak of hope, that is to say, the certainty that the future can always be better. Even if the present is not great, in the Creator’s plans it is always the powers of life and goodness that will eventually triumph one day.