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We should reread

November 25th 2019
Someone may tell me they have read all my books. I congratulate them, as there are a lot. But I ask, ‘Which ones have you reread?’ They look at me a bit surprised and reply, ‘None.’ ‘Well, now choose a few and reread them several times. Because what have you really retained from all the books you have read just once? The human brain is not able to retain essential truths immediately or to grasp their whole meaning. Over the years your consciousness develops. When you reread these books, the same truths will appear to you in a new light, and you will find them even more enriching.’ And it is the same with the great book of living nature. For thousands of years nature has been right there, presenting humans with the same phenomena and the same sights. But it is up to them to develop their consciousness so that they read this book in a way that is always fresh. Even if they are looking at the same countryside, the same sky, the same sea, they will see them differently each day, because something in their consciousness has changed. And this is even truer when they watch the sun rise in the morning. Repetition is one of the most powerful factors of evolution.