The ones that it’s best not to satisfy

November 30th 2019
Physical hunger is symbolic of all the appetites, of all greed. Humans feel driven to satisfy so many kinds of hunger. Hunger for pleasure, for power, for glory, for vengeance… their astral stomach is insatiable! And those who seek to satisfy all these hungers rarely realize that, instead of nourishing themselves, they are inwardly sacrificing something extremely precious – particles of divine life – for a few minutes of happiness. If it were possible to place on one pan of a pair of scales what they have gained by satisfying all these desires, and on the other pan what they have lost by not trying to control themselves, they would see they have lost almost everything and gained very, very little. They never consider that sensations, even the strongest and most pleasant ones, fade and are forgotten (what they ate yesterday no longer counts for today), and so they are preparing a life of spiritual poverty and famine for themselves.