Human body, the

An expression of divine perfection

December 3rd 2019
Since the universe was created by God, all of nature is the expression of divine harmony and perfection. Nowhere is this harmony and perfection better represented than in the human body. Everywhere else, this beauty is dispersed – the oceans, for instance, represent one part of the cosmic body; the rivers another; the mountains, the forests and the sky yet others. Only men's and women's bodies can express this beauty in its entirety. God has summed up the whole of creation in men and women. That is why when a human body approaches this ideal of beauty – through its proportions and especially its emanations – initiates contemplate it with delight. They say to themselves, ‘Here is a creature that is a perfect image of divine virtues’. But they do not stop there: in their contemplation of this being, they endeavour to find the splendour of the Creator.