Must study the only system that represents the creator, creation and created beings

December 6th 2019
Philosophers so often make up systems that only account for their personal view of the world. And all too often, this view, which is bound to be limited, is a reflection of their spiritual, psychic, intellectual, or even physical shortcomings. Not to mention those who, trying to be original, present nonsensical theories. The truth is that there is only one system that explains the universe, one system that represents the Creator, creation and created beings; and philosophers must reflect deeply to try to retrace the foundations of this system. That they would then express the results of their research according to their own temperament and sensitivity – or one might say with their own voice – is only normal. When singers sing their part, they can only do so with their own voice, through which they express the depths of who they are. But they must still respect the score; they have no right to sing notes different from those written. Similarly, philosophers have no right to sing anything other than what is written in the great book of life – they are only entitled to use their own vocal chords.