Behaviour, our

Produces effects beyond our earthly existence

December 8th 2019
Humans are unaware that thoughts, feelings and deeds which are not inspired by true love and wisdom produce disturbances in the unseen, the effects of which extend well beyond their lives on earth. They themselves are no longer there, but any selfish and malevolent thoughts, feelings and actions they did not bother to repair add fuel to the destructive currents that flow through space and poison the earth’s psychic atmosphere. So try to realize that each of your manifestations not only produces effects on specific people, at a given time and place; they also trigger beneficial or evil forces in the invisible world, and we do not know just how far or for how long these forces will have the power to act. Consequently, take stock of yourselves from time to time. Recall the circumstances in which you could have behaved better, and if you cannot mend your mistakes materially, strive at least, by thought, to restore harmony and peace in and around you.