Lifting her veil is the goal of initiation

December 9th 2019
When contemplating the beauty and depth of certain works of art and of certain philosophical, initiatic, and mystical works, one realizes that their authors have beheld a distant and elevated reality that escapes ordinary consciousness. To gain access to this reality, not only did they have to cross through the opaque layers of physical matter, but also the hazy layers of psychic matter. Until then, what they believed to be reality was in fact only an appearance thereof, a distorted reflection, or at best, a veil that hid it from their view. The goal of initiation is to lift a veil. This is the origin of the expression ‘lifting the veil of Isis’ passed down by tradition. In Isis, the great female figure of Egyptian religion, initiates saw a symbol of primordial Nature from which all beings and all the elements of creation issued forth, and they took her as their main object of study. In their desire to know her, they strive to seek and understand all of the existences she generates and through which she manifests herself, until they discover the ultimate reality.