Name, a

Reflects the entity that bears it

December 12th 2019
Why do invocations to God or to the gods hold such a great place in all religions? Because the most powerful way to get in touch with an entity is to speak its name; the vibrations of this name enable us to rise up to it. Taking an example from everyday life, we can say that speaking a name is like dialling a telephone number: we are put through to the person we called. Even if we don’t know what shape or what features the entity we invoke may have, it doesn’t matter – it is enough to know its name. If we utter it with a pure heart and the awareness of what it represents in the divine world, this name becomes a genuine magical power. A name reflects the entity that bears it. Those who meditate on God’s name and invoke it, immersing themselves in the holiness of the light, are filled with his emanations, and they sanctify all the creatures and objects they approach.