Dark forces, the

For which humans are unconsciously the instruments

December 13th 2019
People may attack you without even knowing why, just as you too may fail to understand why you are attacking them. This is because humans are often the unconscious instruments of dark forces that have seized hold of them. To protect ourselves from humans, we must first learn to protect ourselves from the evil spirits that come to inhabit them, for behind every physical enemy, a dark entity is always at work. The battles we must wage to defend ourselves are therefore of a very subtle nature. We must leave enemies alone, without seeking to harm them, rather only training ourselves internally, strengthening ourselves, cultivating qualities of purity, kindness and patience, so as to attract the help of the entities of light. Upon their arrival, they will drive out the dark entities that use our enemies to harm us, and they will settle in their place. Then, one day, the very people who acted as adversaries will behave like friends.