Blessings from heaven

Only descend upon those who have purified themselves

December 17th 2019
Our entire being is like a cup that we must wash and purify in order to receive divine foods, nectar and ambrosia. We hear people complaining that they have long held their cup up to the Lord for him to fill with his blessings, and are astonished not to have received anything – their cup remains empty. But what are they thinking? What can the Lord pour into a cup that has not been washed? The Lord, who is very wise, knows that it would be pointless and even harmful if he were to pour his life and his light, into human beings who have not purified themselves. The resulting mixture would be indigestible, toxic, and their psychic body could not handle it. For their safety, it is better that their cup remain empty so long as they have not washed themselves.