Animals and humans – they will one day make peace

December 18th 2019
Humans are merciless towards animals: they use any means to exploit them, and they do not hesitate to slaughter them to satisfy their needs and interests, or even just for their enjoyment. Animals, for their part, are wary of humans: they run from them, and if they feel threatened, they attack. However, it is said that there are cases where the light and love that emanate from some beings tame even wild animals, because animals have a certain sense. This sense allows them to judge humans – often even better so than humans who lack discernment and intuition. This is why the misunderstanding and hostility between humans and animals cannot last indefinitely. If humans can manage to live together as brothers, they will also make peace with animals. We will no longer speak of wild animals and tamed animals, both will once again be brothers of humankind.