Freedom, the

God gave humans to distance themselves from him or draw near to him

December 19th 2019
Each religion has its own language, its own form of expression, but they all speak of the day when, after having distanced themselves from God, humans return to him, for within him lies their origin. They tell different stories to explain this distancing and this return, they use different expressions and images, but it is always about the same reality. Humans have distanced themselves from God, but even if in doing so they made mistakes, this distancing occurred with his consent. God could have refused humans this freedom, but in his infinite love, not only did he leave them free to distance themselves from him, he also gave them the possibility to come back to him. Initiatic science teaches the methods that allow humans to regain possession of their spiritual bodies, to return to paradise, their heavenly homeland. And this paradise is foremost found within them.