Internal winters

It is wise to prepare ourselves for them

December 20th 2019
In their psychic life, just as in their physical life, human beings are subjected to alternations. For a time they feel happy, complete and full of hope. But it doesn’t last, and suddenly, they enter into a period of darkness, of deprivation, without always understanding why. On earth, we cannot inwardly live in eternal spring, in the midst of flowers and song birds; at some point winter is bound to come. But we are not obliged to suffer through it, we can prepare for it by making provisions, and not spending everything we have gathered during the period of plenty. When we feel good inside and everything seems easier, we have a tendency to become careless. On the contrary, this is the time to be vigilant, far-sighted, and to put certain provisions aside: the period of scarcity – winter, symbolically – will be less difficult to weather. We mustn’t forget: since it is always the difficult times that force us to progress, this period will come, and it is wise to set aside reserves to help overcome them.