Mountain, a

Symbol of our spiritual ascension

December 22nd 2019
If humans are not able to go into the mountains with a proper state of mind, they disturb the pure and luminous entities living there. So, one day, these entities go elsewhere, to spots no one can easily reach. Once a place has been deserted by these entities, it loses its sacred nature, and is no longer as imbued with spiritual force. Those who then come to visit these places no longer receive anything and return home just as poor and as limited as before. What is the use of trying so hard to climb mountain slopes if you do not understand that the ascent of physical mountains is an image of the ascent of spiritual mountains? Climbers must feel that they are ridding themselves of all that encumbers them and that weighs them down, until they feel divine order penetrate within them. They meet with silence, and in this silence they discover the origin of things, they unite themselves with the First Cause and they melt into the ocean of cosmic light.