Spiritual element, the

Which gives flavour to things is worth more than all material possessions

November 24th 2011
Advertisements offer you objects and products of all kinds that will supposedly bring you health, beauty, comfort, well-being – even happiness! Everything is there to entice people and, above all, to delude them. Because even if one day they did own everything they are offered, and much more besides, it would never give them what they really need. What does a spiritual teaching tell you? ‘Learn to rise to the regions of light through prayer and meditation: there you will receive a subtle, imperceptible element. And it is this subtle, imperceptible element that will bring you everything, because it will give you a taste of things.’ Once you have received this element, you will feel it creating a new vibration within you, and your life will become indescribably beautiful and rich. Even if you were to accumulate everything you could possibly own, without this imponderable element which can only be obtained through spiritual discipline you would always be dissatisfied and disappointed.