Birth of jesus in a cave, the

The symbolic meaning

December 25th 2019
There is no historical certainty about the circumstances of Jesus’ birth. However, if according to tradition, he was born in a cave or in a stable, on straw, and not in a dwelling worthy of his mission like a palace or a temple, it is because the story of this birth is symbolic. Do not be surprised if I tell you that this cave in which the divine child must be born is also in our body – it corresponds to a spiritual centre located approximately 4 cm below the navel. This centre, which the Japanese call ‘Hara’ – the word for belly – has an important role to play in spiritual life. This is the cave where the Christ must be born. Did you perhaps think that Christ could only be born in your head? Yet have you ever seen a child born from its mother’s brain? The belly and the bowels are not generally considered as noble parts of the body, but this is the very place the Creator has chosen for the perpetuation of humanity. And it is here too that we must bring forth this new consciousness: the Christ Child.