Spiritual entities

What they give us we must give in turn

December 28th 2019
When God created human beings, he laid in them the seeds of all the qualities and virtues as well as all the gifts. They are there, still dormant, and to develop them, humans must first use their thought, then vivify this thought with feelings, and finally put their will to work to achieve what they thought and felt. Therefore, it is like a call to spiritual entities that are very far away, very high up, and these entities respond to their call by coming to manifest themselves through them. Whatever qualities and gifts humans manage to develop, they owe it to the sacrifices of entities from the spiritual world. They make these sacrifices with joy. But to fully benefit from them, humans must be conscious and grateful. Grateful how? By striving to be attentive, kind and generous to the creatures around them – not only humans but also animals and plants and all of creation. These entities ask for nothing more. We must have something to offer to all the visible and invisible beings that help us to live and grow: a joy, a look, a ray.