True freedom – can be found only in god

December 29th 2019
The further we progress along the path of truth, the freer we become. We must therefore strive to climb higher and higher. However, true freedom is found only at the summit, in God. This is why, for human beings as for any other creature in the universe, absolute freedom does not exist. Only the Creator is absolutely free. No creature is totally free, not even the angels and archangels; they are immersed in the soul of the Lord, they are the instruments of his will, and as such, are not entirely free. They are free within the Lord's freedom, but not free in relation to him. Only the Lord is free, and the closer creatures draw to the Lord, the freer they become within his freedom, but not otherwise. It is therefore at the highest level, on the divine plane, that the word ‘freedom’ takes on its full meaning. When we fulfil the will of God, he manifests himself in us, and we ourselves become free because of his freedom. It is his presence within us that sets us free. It is thanks to his freedom of action that we are alive.