And their virtues

December 31st 2019
Since human beings represent a microcosm, a reflection of the macrocosm, all constellations exist within them too. Not only is each one related to a part of their physical body, but they also exist within them in the form of tendencies and character traits. And just as the sun travels through the zodiac over the course of a year, we too can travel – via our spirit which is our sun – through the twelve constellations to benefit from their positive influences. So, the twelve constellations are Aries – energy, audacity; Taurus – tenacity, patience; Gemini – intellectual abilities; Cancer – sensitivity, intuition about the invisible world; Leo – generosity, nobility; Virgo – purity, a love of order; Libra – balance, harmony; Scorpio – the sublimation of energies; Sagittarius – impetus toward the spiritual world; Capricorn – self-dominance, authority; Aquarius – universality, brotherhood; Pisces – sacrifice. 75 P