Maturity, spiritual

Which humans attain when they receive the holy spirit

November 29th 2011
Having been a child and treated as a child for a certain period in your life, one day you are told you have come of age. This is not only true of life in society but also of the spiritual life, the difference being that for the spiritual life we do not reach majority at an age set down by law. Even at 99, many men and women have not truly come of age and become adults, because they have not yet acquired any spiritual maturity. Only those who have received the Holy Spirit can be considered true adults; the others are still only children. Yes, those who have not reached this spiritual maturity are considered minors by heaven, and whatever their age they must maintain the attitude of a child; that is to say, they must remain obedient, humble and willing to submit to the divine world. All those humans we see wrestling with inextricable inner difficulties are still only recalcitrant children. True adults no longer suffer, for they are always in the light.