When it comes to spiritual work, never be concerned about it

December 4th 2011
What you truly desire you will one day obtain. When? That should not be your concern. You only have to be patient and loving. When it comes to the spiritual life, you should never place a limit on how long you will work or how much effort you will make. How much time will it take you to become perfect? Don’t worry about that; it’s not your affair. And if you are ill, don’t say, ‘I want to be well again tomorrow’, but say, ‘O Lord, time is of no importance to me. Your will is my will; do with me as you please. I only ask of you that I may learn to know you and love you; the rest can wait for as long you wish.’ In this way you will conquer time. Work, and never give orders to the Lord, setting him a date by which something should be achieved.