‘it is easier for a camel…’


December 5th 2011
‘It is easier for a camel to go through the eye of a needle than for someone who is rich to enter the kingdom of God.’ You will sometimes hear Jesus’ words quoted by those who want to condemn the rich, but it is by no means certain that his words have been properly understood, for in order to understand them you have to interpret them from the perspective of Initiatic Science. What is the main characteristic of the rich whom Jesus was speaking about? Their inflated astral body. The astral body, in other words the desire body, of the rich is monstrously inflated because of their greed, to the point where it becomes like a tumour, preventing them from passing through the door of the kingdom of God. Whereas a camel, being abstemious, has a very slim astral body, which is why Jesus says it can go through the eye of a needle. Because it makes do with very little, a camel is able to cross the desert, keeping going in conditions where others would die. This is how Jesus’ words should be interpreted. Those who are obsessed by the need to acquire and possess create huge tumours in their astral body. Disciples must, therefore, be careful to control their wishes and desires so that they are able to pass through the door of initiation, which is the door of the kingdom of God.