Inspiration, true

Originates in the divine world

December 6th 2011
When some people speak in public, they become channels for very powerful psychic currents, which have a magnetic effect on their audience. Often, we say these people are ‘inspired’, but this is not necessarily the case, because when we speak of inspiration what is most important is its place of origin, its source. You must understand this. Just because some people have the power to galvanize crowds, it does not mean they are truly inspired. How often we see this with politicians! Undeniably, they have a gift, but it is often only an expression of certain psychic forces and energies of a very low nature: common feelings, common thoughts, sometimes even truly diabolical ones, but expressed with unusual intensity. But intensity is one thing, quality another. True inspiration implies quality; it involves elements of purity, subtlety and selflessness. True inspiration originates in the divine world.