Marks us with the seal of the sun

December 15th 2011
The spiritual world is just like a great big store where you receive what you ask for, providing you can give a particular currency in exchange. And the most reliable currency you can offer the heavenly spirits is impersonal work, sacrifice. Sacrifice is like gold, always holding its value on account of being protected by the sun, just as a country’s currency is protected by its national bank. Every sacrifice you make to defend and further what is good and beautiful for the benefit of all beings on earth fills your heart and soul with the gold that is legal tender in the great stores of the cosmos. It is as if the sun were marking you with its seal. And as soon as you bear the imprint of this seal, the entities of light recognize you. They say, ‘This being is one of us, of those who bear the seal of the sun, who are our brothers and sisters; let us grant the request.’