Body, the human

How it relates to the constellations

December 21st 2011
The Creator gave us a physical body, and this body is a reflection of the universe. This is why we must study it, respect it, be in awe of it and learn to relate to the divine world by means of it. Initiates in the past, who possessed the true science of the human being, discovered how the different organs and parts of the human body corresponded to the heavenly constellations. Thus, the head is linked to Aries, the neck to Taurus, the arms to Gemini, the stomach to Cancer, the heart to Leo, the kidneys to Libra, the genitals to Scorpio, the thighs to Sagittarius, the knees to Capricorn, the calves to Aquarius and the feet to Pisces. You too should practise imagining how your body is linked to the great cosmic body. In view of your efforts and your goodwill, mother nature, Isis, will say, ‘This being is mindful of me, loves and respects me. I will show myself.’ And, gradually, the great Goddess will reveal herself to you.