Path to salvation, the

Can always be found, whatever your mistakes

December 27th 2011
Whatever your mistakes, nothing can stop you from finding the path to salvation, if that is what you really want. You can even take it that heaven has greater confidence in someone who has made mistakes and regrets them than in someone who has never made any. Why? Because those who have never fallen do not know they have to be cautious: they have no experience, so they are not yet stable; they can wander around blindly, and then one day they fall. Whereas, those who have been through the devil’s clutches, who have suffered and resolved to free themselves and do God’s will, if they succeed, heaven will take them into its service. It will say, ‘At last, here is someone who can be counted on!’ You need only remember one thing of what I have just told you: no matter how many times you fall, it is always possible for you to rise again. Don’t assume from this that you may allow yourself to stray as far as you like, so that you can improve yourself all the more later! In any case, you have all made enough mistakes by now: it is time you knew better and placed yourself at heaven’s service.