The opportunity for victories we never thought we could achieve

December 29th 2011
We are working for the coming of the kingdom of God, the coming of brotherhood among all people, but at the same time we must be under no illusion: we will still have many obstacles to face, and each one should be an opportunity for us to demonstrate qualities we wouldn’t have been able to show in more favourable circumstances. Yes, see how, each time the powers of evil have been unleashed, beings have arisen to ensure the voice of justice and good would be heard, finding inner resources they did not know they had. Obstacles impel us to struggle, to make efforts: they force us to show more courage, more determination than we thought ourselves capable of. You will say it is difficult. Of course, but it is the only intelligent way to react. So, instead of complaining and rebelling, we should say, ‘Thank you, Lord. These difficulties will help me to become stronger, to go beyond myself.’ And what a joy it is to achieve undreamt of victories!