Spiritual riches

Concentrate on them so as to accrue everlasting wealth

January 5th 2021
Disciples know that as they are on earth for a very short time, it is not worth wasting their energy seeking honours, titles and possessions that they will only have to abandon when they leave. Instead, they try to concentrate on everlasting, indestructible riches, which they continue to accrue until their departure from the physical plane. As a result, they accumulate such great wealth in their subtle bodies that they go straight to the regions of light where they acquired the particles for these bodies. For there is a law that says if you draw within you a great deal of heavenly material, one day, you will have to go to the region from which it came. Due to the law of affinity, these very materials will usher you into the subtle regions where you will spend an eternity of joy discovering the splendours of the universe.