Path of light

What you find at the end is indescribable

January 1st 2012
On this, the first day of the year, you would like to hear me give only promises of success and happiness. But since existence is a long chain of moments that must be lived with awareness one after the other, I can only tell you the truth: your future happiness lies in work and effort. All the efforts you make are recorded on high in the book of life, and what blessings are being prepared for you thanks to these efforts! When you receive them, you will wonder, ‘Why all these gifts?’ and the reply will be, ‘Because, by means of your work, you have risen to the regions of light, and you have also brought light and peace to those in distress and darkness.’ There is nothing more I can say. Keep walking the path of light. What will be at the end of the path? You will find out when you arrive, and you will be dazzled.