A sublime idea leaves the door wide open to all the spirits of light

January 9th 2021
When you dial a telephone number, only one of millions and millions of people answers – the person with this number. The relationships between all beings in the universe obey this law. Just as a person answers when you dial their number, so does a specific entity communicate with you because you have emitted a thought that vibrates in unison with it; a connection is established between you and the being or place on which your thought is focused. All those whose thoughts are always chaotic and conflicting are bound to have unfortunate encounters because they come into contact with entities that correspond to these thoughts. This is why it is very important to fill your mind with a heavenly idea, for that idea will magically attract all the beings and elements capable of contributing to its realization. A sublime idea in one’s mind is like a warning sign to the spirits of darkness – ‘Beware of the dog’, ‘Occupied’, ‘Keep out’ – and they dare not enter; but it leaves the door wide open to all the spirits of light.