True temple, the

A human being who has sanctified their spirit

January 10th 2021
Jesus said, ‘You are the temples of the living God’, but human beings are accustomed to worshipping in inanimate temples of wood or stone, and they do not tend to their own temple – themselves, their entire being. Of course, thanks to the fervour of all the faithful who have come to pray in these temples throughout the centuries, there is still some life in them. But they cannot compare to a human being who has managed to strengthen their will, purify their heart, enlighten their intellect, expand their soul and sanctify their spirit, for such a being has become a true temple. It is when you are a temple, when you pray in your own temple that God listens to you and answers your prayers. And if at the same time, you are conscious of being in this other temple, the universe, then you will become a whole being, you will have achieved fulfilment.