By giving, we become richer

January 11th 2021
You must rid yourself of this awful habit of taking, always taking. Make an effort to think about giving. Try at least to look at others with love, to give them a smile and to draw a few beneficial particles from your heart to cast their way. By doing so, it is you yourself who will feel rich and happy. Human beings are always afraid of losing something, of becoming poor; they do not understand that it is in fact this miserly attitude that impoverishes them. To become rich you must give. Yes, by taking we impoverish ourselves, and by giving we become richer because we activate unknown forces that are lying dormant and stagnant somewhere deep within us. In our desire to share them with others, they begin to stir, to flow, and we then feel so enriched that we are astonished. We think, ‘How can this be? I gave and I gave, and I am richer for it!’ Indeed, for this is the new life.