Centre, the

The closer we get to it, to the spiritual sun, the more we feel its light

January 14th 2021
The closer we get to the centre, to the spiritual sun, the more we feel light, warmth and life growing within us. This is a law. And it means that if you feel darkness, cold and death descend on you, you need not look far for the reason – it is because you have drifted away from the centre. Initiatic Science teaches us that true strength lies in knowing how to remain at the centre. In humans, this centre is the highest point, the summit of our being. The periphery on the other hand is where we encounter unrest and distress when our consciousness strays towards things that are alien to our true self – to our soul and spirit. This is why we must keep a constant watch over ourselves and say, ‘Let me see, where am I today? Oh, I have wandered off towards the periphery. What awaits me there?’ Nothing good, that is for sure, which is why you must hurry back to the centre. How? Through prayer, through meditation, by consciously establishing a bond with the sublime Centre, with God himself.