Purifying one’s mental body so as to begin to see the invisible world

January 24th 2021
Every human being imagines, dreams and wishes. When the imagination comes into play, a series of images passes through one’s mind, each one called up by association with the one before it. And since everyone imagines, everyone thinks they know what the imagination is. But they are mistaken. True imagination, such as the initiates conceive it and with which they work, is a kind of screen located at the boundary between the visible and invisible worlds, and on this screen are reflected objects and entities that normally escape our consciousness. Certain highly evolved human beings, who know how to direct this faculty, express many of the things received and recorded by their imagination. Much later on, we realize that what they had thus ‘imagined’ was not pure invention on their part – they had captured realities that had yet to appear on the physical plane. If human beings learn to work on their own thoughts and feelings, they can purify their mental body to such a degree that their imagination becomes crystal-clear – pure and transparent – and they begin to ‘see’. At this level, imagination and vision are one.