Turn back to the philosophy of the initiates

January 27th 2021
All those who have truly embraced the philosophy of the Initiates have manifested themselves as well-balanced, peaceful and luminous beings, so why would we not turn back to this philosophy now? You will say, ‘But this is the philosophy we already live by!’ You may well believe this, but if you analyze yourselves, you will see that you are still captivated by all sorts of concerns that are far from spiritual. You appease your consciences by accepting a few bits of the Initiates’ teachings, but you mix them up with all kinds of trivialities, with whatever a certain politician, intellectual or artist said, wrote or did. I am not saying that you should take absolutely no interest in such matters, but there are things of much greater importance! Yes, it is far more important to take an interest in the creatures that inhabit the luminous regions of space, in their work, and in the laws that govern the future of humanity. For the essence of life is there – not in what the newspapers, radio or television say, but in the essential, eternal world, in which we are one day destined to participate.