If you plant them, all the powers of heaven and earth come into play

January 29th 2021
The Church comforts the poor, the weak and the sick by telling them that if they have faith in God, they will be seated at his right side in Paradise. Picture it: the Lord in his heaven surrounded by poor, miserable wretches in rags. Unfortunately for Christians, the Lord chooses to be surrounded by splendour, by only the most luminous, most powerful and purest creatures. So, instead of relying on being seated at the Lord’s right hand, you would be well advised to set to work to activate the spiritual powers within you, for it is they that will enable you to obtain what you desire. When you plant a seed, all the powers of heaven and earth combine to bring forth the flowers and fruits you hoped for. But however strong your faith, if you fail to sow any seed, nothing will grow.