Thoughts and feelings influence those who are prepared to pick up on

February 1st 2021
Many people unwittingly carry out the plans of people they do not even know. You will say that you cannot see how this is possible, but it is very simple. Thoughts and feelings are active forces that can influence those whose psychic structure can pick up the waves that others send out. This explains how many weak people end up committing crimes; they are driven to it by the power of the negative thoughts and feelings others have projected. And since human justice is not clairvoyant, it does not punish those who cast these criminal thoughts and feelings into space; it punishes those who carry them out, even though they are not the real culprits. Of course, they are guilty of having let themselves go and becoming so weak that they can be used as instruments of evil currents, but other people are the true instigators of these crimes. So, pay attention to your thoughts and feelings, for they could well be put into effect by others, and if they are bad, it is you who will be held responsible by divine justice.