Do not spare them every difficulty

February 4th 2021
On the pretext that they love their children, some parents do not want to let them suffer or burn themselves a little in order to learn a lesson. At the slightest little thing, they rush to their rescue and shield their children from the consequences of their actions. Well, this is not love. The Lord does not behave in this way, and neither does nature. The love of parents for their children does not mean immediately sparing them every difficulty. When children get themselves into scrapes, they should be left to struggle for a while and try to work it out. Once they begin to understand why and how they got themselves into the predicament, and to regret what they did, then you can come to the rescue. The fact that they have suffered a little will make them decide to be more careful and sensible in the future. Not only do parents who fail to behave this way do their children a disservice, they actually encourage them to be weak and wicked.