Human beings are predestined to return to the bosom of the eternal

February 7th 2021
You carry your little problems around with you wherever you go – ‘I have a pain here or there; I need this or that’ and so on. Why do you always dwell on what you are lacking instead of on what you already have? Why not remind yourself every day that you have arms and legs, a mouth, eyes and ears? Why not tell yourself that you have been given a divine teaching, that you possess heaven and earth; that you are rich and that life is beautiful? Every day you should remember that you are a child of God and that you have the power to become once again what you were in the distant past, when you first emerged from the bosom of the Eternal. You fell from this original state because, like the prodigal son, you wanted to experience for yourself what life was like far from your father’s house. But now you can go back to him. This return to the Father is what is known as the ‘reintegration of beings’. It is in this reintegration that humans become almighty again, that they recover their mastery of the forces of nature and their dignity as God’s heirs. This is our true destiny. So, why do you always dwell on the little things you are lacking?