To experience peace, work to harmonize everything

February 8th 2021
If you work on the idea of loving, doing good, forgiving and creating harmony around you, the day will come when this idea becomes so powerful that it will permeate all your cells, and they will begin to vibrate in unison with it. You will then notice that you are always at peace, and even if disturbing events occur from time to time, they will create only a few ripples on the surface; deep down, you will always have this sense of peace. Have you ever seen wild animals at the circus? As long as their tamer is there, they behave; but as soon as the tamer leaves, they are ready to pounce on each other. Well, you should know that the same thing happens with your cells. As long as you keep an eye on them, they obey you, but the moment you turn your back or drop your guard, there is trouble. This means that you must take care of your cells – you must subdue them, nourish them and purify them, as though they were your children. Only when you have succeeded in training them to do their work without quarrelling or arguing will you finally experience peace.