The life of the soul and the spirit that we must rediscover

February 11th 2021
Nowadays, human beings are mainly interested in cultivating their intellectual faculties, which is fine. Unfortunately, they do so at the expense of other means of exploration, and as a result, the subtle life of the universe, the soul and the spirit, eludes their investigations. As they descended into matter, they forgot their divine origins; they no longer remember how beautiful, powerful, luminous and noble they once were. They are interested only in the earth – plundering and destroying it to get rich. But a time is coming when, instead of always focusing their attention on the outer world, they will turn back to the path of inner exploration. They will lose none of the knowledge acquired over the centuries, but they will no longer concentrate exclusively on the outer aspects of the universe. Humanity’s descent into matter will remain an extraordinary achievement, but human beings will not stop there. They will go on to discover other deeper and even more essential regions.